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法國有機堅果油香氛皂禮品裝 Scented Organic Argan Oil Soap Gift Pack (4x100g)

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法國La Maison du Savon de Marseille有機 堅果油 香薰皂,  改善乾燥、抗老化、滋養、再生和保護的功效, 送礼自用佳品 !


1. 薰衣草香氛皂 100g (Scented Organic Argan Oil Soap - Lavender)

2. 鈴蘭香氛皂 100g (Scented Organic Argan Oil Soap - Muguet( Lily of the Valley) - 鈴蘭味道芳香無比, 具活血去水消腫的功效, 更是英國皇室專用花, 有美肌殺菌功效。

3. 玫瑰花香氛皂  100g (Scented Organic Argan Oil Soap - Rose) - 玫瑰花的天然活性物質, 具有顯著的特性, 它的功效和作用已經得到科學證明。已成為許多護膚品的成分。它能令肌膚回復青春及光彩使細胞再生。抗衰老促進細胞再生,使皮膚更柔軟潤滑。

4. 馬鞭草香薰皂 100g (Scented Organic Argan Oil Soap - Verveine) - 馬鞭草對浮腫皮膚是一個極好的草本植物,具有抗炎功率,並且被用於治療許多身體疾病,包括消化問題,關節疼痛,和呼吸系統問題。馬鞭草是一個普遍用作抗衰老的自然療法配方。它有助於緊緻肌膚, 增加柔軟感和光澤。馬鞭草是一種溫和的收斂劑,有助於消除細菌而不会使皮膚過度乾燥。

  • 法國阿甘堅果油香氛皂,  含摩洛哥阿甘堅果油, 適用於身體和臉部。
  • 摩洛哥阿甘堅果油含豐富不飽和脂肪酸(包括亞油酸,奧米加 3, 6 9, 天然維生素 E F。這些脂肪酸賦于摩洛哥堅果油豐富的營養價值,證實其具有改善乾燥、抗老化、滋養、再生和保護的功效。
  • 摩洛哥堅果油軟化皮膚恢復彈性加上香薰細膩香味,有助清潔皮膚和保持自然光澤。

** 法國製造 **

 Scented Organic Argan Oil Soap Gift Pack (4x100g)

La Maison du Savon de Marseille always used high quality, natural and artisanal products for everyday wellbeing line of soaps for washing your body skin.

This Gift Pack included:  Scented Organic Argan Oil Soap - Lavender 100g ,  Muguet (Lily of the Valley) 100g,   Rose  100g,  Verveine 100g

  • The  scented soap 100g is enriched with Organic Argan oil which nourishes, moisturizes, softens and restores softness to your skin.
  • Organic Argan oil is also rich with vitamin E and antioxidant.
  • This scented soap contains essence of perfume from the French city of Grasse, world capital of perfume. It will leave your skin delicately scented and because of its neutral PH, our scented soap is suitable for all skin types. Treat yourself to a moment of pleasure with its smooth, light foam and delicate fragrance.
  • It will be a unique gift for friends.
  • Enriched with Organic Argan oil, these soaps leave the skin soft and subtly scented.
Lavender is a healing herb that has been used for centuries to make soaps, teas and scent.
- The essential oil of lavender is a popular ingredient used to make  soaps. Belonging to the mint family, it is a safe herb to use for the entire family, and its benefits are numerous.
- Soaps made with lavender essential oil are a healing effect for infected skin.
- Lather the soap to make a thick paste and cover the affected skin for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
- Lavender soap is also a calming effect, it can be beneficial to use lavender soaps before bedtime to promote a deep sleep, such as sooth anxiety or excessive energy in children and toddlers.

Rose natural active substances with significant features, its benefits for the skin have been scientifically proven.
- Rose is used in many skin care ingredients. It rejuvenates skin cell.
- The beautifully fragrant rose in this nourishing blend helps to balance the natural oils in the skin, while relieving stress and calming the senses.
- It works great if you have dry, delicate or aging skin.

** Made in France

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